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About retail green

When innovative entrepreneurs come together; focused towards excellence; they introduce the retail industry in EMEA region with the unprecedented. Leveraging every sale transaction and provides cutting edge technology to the ever-growing retail industry.


Products & Services


A revolutionary software that instantaneously capturing all sales transactions securely from all POS's in real-time ...



A software dispatching e-receipts for shoppers' to fully analyze spending and make price comparison among all purchases.



Inspire your current customers and attract new ones with amazing gift ideas with Unlimited access to all shops within our network



A perfect solution to help customers keep track of all their points from different retailers without having to carry around paper and plastic cards all the time.



A simple yet powerful tool that allows retailers to send discount coupons to customers' smart devices with ease and comfort.


Business strategy

"Excellence is a work style" is not just a wise quote; it's a living code of ethics and conduct in all our business day-in and day-out in retailGreen. In our pursuit for excellence we pay attention to details that makes all the difference; we just don’t settle for less. That's why we hire and keep growing the best in the best, we partner with innovators and game changers that share with us our vision and will help us dramatically in our mission. "We are to shift change the retail eco-system, not just one aspect of it; we must pioneer, lead and ever outgrow our achievements" Our strategy is our story we wish to tell every day, throughout every milestone we accomplish; we partner with innovative and strategic partners, serving leaders of retail industry, in the best way information technology and business intelligence can ever be.



E-Tenant is a very simple , error free and zero integration solution which is fully secure , PCI compliant and easy to deploy on the Tenants POS . It works on Fixed as well as Mobile POS and provides timely and accurate information about the Tenants sales , which is very important for us to compute the Tenants Turnover rents and analyse the impact of their marketing campaigns and shopping festivals on the Tenant Sales.


Director - Information Technology Emaar Malls Group

Retail Green have been able to service a broad range of requirements for the Loyalty program, remaining approachable and solution oriented. They are a valued Technology partner for us and we look forward to their committed customer service, good pricing, and above all reliability. Keep up the good work.

Chayya Bassi

Sr. Manager - Emaar Properties

Project and Team: Understanding the Sales patterns of Tenants and Buying behavior of Shoppers from the millions of daily transactions is crucial to us to increase its footfall , Revenue and Shopper engagement.. The Project team through its adept Product knowledge and Project Planning capabilities have resulted into efficient rollouts of the Solution with their Tenants. They are able to provide valuable insights to the Mall management to enable them for timely actions and intelligent decusions. With retailGreen we are proud to say that it has been enjoyable.


Director - Information Technology Emaar Malls Group