About RetailGreen

Founded in 2009 in the United States of America by a team of entrepreneurs with an absolute commitment to excellence and innovation. Ever since, RetailGreen is working on redefining sales and retail business and its underlining eco-system.

Retail is a business of principles where every sales transaction counts, the smallest detail holds an opportunity, while accuracy is not to be compromised. RetailGreen started with the science behind these business principles and introduced a US patented technological breakthrough that revamps the support solution that serves parties like: Customer, Tenant, Mall Managers, Mall Developers and every possible stakeholder and beneficiary in the retail value chain.

RetailGreen is the leading provider of the Electronic Receipt Solutions and the Enhanced Added Services tailored for the retail industry in EMEA. RetailGreen leverages every sale transaction and provides an answer to the ever-growing complex requirements of the retail industry.


Leading, keep pioneering and mastering Enhanced Added Services (EAS) and Data as a Service Trend (DaaS) to retail ever growing industry in EMEA with dominant market share.


Shifting the power of big sales data into heart-beat decisions and insights in retail day-to-day pulsing heart.

Values; Words by the team

Clients' dedication

"Our clients are our truest partners and best companion for innovation"


"We always aspire best practices of quality control, it is a quest"


"Working as a team is wonderful, you amplify the achievements a hundred times over"

Integrity & Respect

"High ethical code towards customers, is only a true reflection of internal respect and great morals"

Our Team

Sharing true passion for what we do, feeling truly proud to work amongst remarkable people with very complementary skills. Our team members; graduates from leading and international universities, have obtained highly valued certifications, implemented various successful projects, and has done many outstanding achievements supporting our mission to offer the best green technology in retail eco-system.


Customer Engagement

Every purchase with ease of access shall enable the shopper to analyze spending, price comparison and many other benefits.

Leveraging Sales

Data-empowered decision making; to design on-spot customer retention actions such as e-coupons and e-loyalty and many other attractive tools.

Empowered decision making

Mall Managers, tenants and retailers can all utilize the KPI's and reports to make more empowered and enlightened decisions.

Data as a Service (DaaS) Has Never Been More Rewarding

Data as a Service (Short as DaaS) is a next next big thing after software as a service (SaaS). DaaS builds on the concept that data can be provided on demand. As of 2015; DaaS is being increasingly employed commercial counterparties which have used conventional stored data, for which software was specifically developed to access and present the data in a human-readable analysis. One result of this paradigm is the bundling of both the data and the software needed to interpret it into a single package. Our solution is considered ideal for retailers and customers alike. Retailers can receive real-time reports and statistics about the purchasing patterns of their customers without compromising privacy, while shoppers can have analysis about their spending and use smart merchandise services. Our solutions allow retailers to offer targeted promotions according to their customers' spending habits and trends, reduce the costs of printing paper receipts and eliminate fraud. Likewise, RetailGreen allows customers to keep track of their receipts in an easy, safe and non-wasteful way.

Board Message

Board Message

When innovative entrepreneurs come together, focused towards excellence and driven only by value enriching propositions. We introduce the retail industry in EMEA region with the unprecedented. Leveraging sales by making retail an eco-system with 360 degree’s detailed value to all parties. Starting before the physical sales, during sales and after sales analysis and intelligence all in a single interoperable platform making the millions of transactions reported at ease, accuracy and how it matters.

We agreed to this letter, as we agree to all that we do at retailGreen; we serve and strive for excellence and that is core and fundamental to us and our partners. Being leader of the EAS to retail sector in EMEA and committed towards global leadership; presents you with daily excitement "some would call challenges" which keep us in the pursuit of a greater mission towards a sector shifting vision.

retailGreen thanks you and would be more than happy receiving feedback and inquiry, so we tap together; the untapped.