Retail data analytics

Automated real-time sales data

Instant data-empowered decision making

Our Technology

Seamless and fully automated, our e-receipt platform is an innovative, multi-level solution that benefits retailers, mall management and consumers across the globe.

e-receipt provides a scalable bundle of services, not limited to a specific type of user. It is an integrated solution, providing Business Intelligence to customers and business owners.

RetailGreen's e-receipt platform provides real-time sales information that is easy to digest and user-friendly, with diagrammatical graphs and charts. Easy data analysis for informed decision making.

RetailGreen's e-receipt platform adds value across the entire value chain, from mall landlords to retail companies, and ultimately enables consumer engagement levels to be increased.

Our Latest News

  • DED introduce smart receipts in retail business

    Dubai: The Department of Economic Development (DED) has announced a novel project that will further align retailing in Dubai with the "Smart City" initiative.

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  • Valley tech win: Dubai signs on with Manteca's Retail Green

    MANTEC A technological revolution is slowly taking place in retail marketing and the Central Valley may play a big role in that change. Manteca-based Retail Green has developed a new platform for businesses to produce electronic receipts for customers.

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