• Are you a Retailer?

    • Go Green with paperless receipts!
    • Issue e-receipts, reducing paperwork for shoppers and allowing them to fully analyze their spending.
    • Run sales promotions with high conversion rates, operate loyalty and reward programmes, and improve your customer knowledge and market research from the available reporting and analytics.
    • Inspire your existing customers, and attract new ones with amazing gift ideas!
    • Send coupons to consumers' smart devices with ease and comfort, providing automatic generation and easy redemption.
    • Increase your footfall and sales, and strengthen your brand loyalty and awareness.
  • Are you a Mall Landlord?

    • Operate with real-time sales data, electronically and seamlessly obtained from your tenants' POS platforms.
    • Enjoy a fully automated governance system with guaranteed data integrity and full security.
    • Remove the ambiguity that often comes from traditional revenue sharing rent models.
    • Include the option of integrating with loyalty and reward programmes for your mall, together with indoor navigation for your consumers.
    • Be empowered by data! Dynamic and vivid reports are presented on an easy-to-use dashboard - seamlessly and hassle-free, enabling instant and informed decision making.
    • Enjoy options that allow Basket Analysis, Sales Conversion Analysis, Productivity Analysis and Trend Analysis across the mall, while also measuring the impact of events and campaigns.
  • Are you a Consumer?

    • Go Green with paperless receipts!
    • Keep track of all your interactions with different retailers and malls, kept safe and secure, all in one place on our app!
    • Fully analyze your spending, and make price comparisons across all your purchases.
    • With our Cards Wallet, there is no more need to carry around paper or plastic cards with you - spend less time checking your loyalty points for redemption, with all your loyalty and reward programmes kept in one place.
    • Receive information on promotions based on your own behaviour and preferences.
    • Obtain accurate and reliable reports on your spending and on market analysis.
    • Enjoy easy indoor navigation for shopping malls.
    • Use our smart device mobile web application, and keep your information always at your fingertips.
    • Super-easy to use and incredibly safe.


We offer a wide range of smart solutions through a choice of modules which can be tailored to meet the needs of different clients

Receipt Box

Receipt Box is a mobile application that issues e-receipts for shoppers to fully analyze their spending, and makes price comparisons across all purchases.

It is web accessible, and allows management of receipts, gift cards and coupons from a single app, for both online and offline activities.

It bridges the gap between online and offline shopping activities, allowing registered consumers to be treated as unified contacts.

e-gift card

e-gift card will inspire existing customers, and attract new ones with amazing gift ideas!

It gives unlimited access to all shops within our network, is super-easy to use and is incredibly safe.


e-coupon is a simple, yet powerful tool that allows retailers to send coupons to consumers' smart devices with ease and comfort.

It provides automatic generation and easy redemption.


e-tenant is a revolutionary, market leading software for sales data management, allowing Mall Management to accurately and securely capture sales data from tenants' POS in real-time. It provides a fully automated governance system for revenue sharing rent models, with guaranteed data integrity. It also has the option of being unified with our loyalty and reward programs.

Latest developments include the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to achieve optimized data quality and operational efficiency. Data anomalies can be more easily detected, creating a cleansed stream of data. Improved data accuracy and completeness enables more accurate sales forecasting.

Business Intelligence (BI)

BI provides the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. Our technologies provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations, enabling informed decision making and improved strategies.


e-loyalty allows consumers to keep track of all their interactions with different retailers and malls. Paperless receipts, loyalty reward programs, promotional information, spending reports, mall navigation and more - all in one place!