About RetailGreen

RetailGreen was founded in 2009 in San Francisco, USA, by a team of entrepreneurs committed to providing leading, innovative solutions to the retail industry.

In a short period, RetailGreen has grown to become one of the world's leading providers of advanced technology for retail data analytics, serving Retailer Management, Mall Management and Retail Consumers.

We provide safe, secure and private Value-Added Services that improve accuracy and governance through the provision of automated real-time sales data.

We add value to retailers, shopping malls and consumers by leveraging data to provide analytics and actionable insights, enabling informed decision making and improved strategies.

Today's consumers are smarter and more demanding than ever before. To be successful, retailers must be customer centric in their approach to marketing and merchandising.

Customer centric companies should be looking to operate entirely in response to customer preferences. All available channels must be utilized to learn more about the needs and preferences of consumers, and to communicate with them more effectively.

RetailGreen's e-receipt platform adds value across the entire value chain, from mall landlords to retail companies, and ultimately enables consumer engagement levels to be increased.